Friday, 8 August 2014

From Gamer To Soldier: My Story.

Hello folks, This is a little different to my usual Warcraft posts but something I wanted to share with you all nonetheless. It's something I have been focused on doing for some time now and I wanted to just put this out there for anyone else going through a huge transition in life such as I am ( or already has ), how I'm adapting and my journey so far. It's going to be one of the most hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it's something I'm extremely passionate about. So sit back, relax and somewhat enjoy my ramblings. 

A little Prologue

Present day:
For sometime, I have been pondering on my life choices of the past and always wishing things could of been different, or maybe I could of handled situations better. With the realization of actually growing up on my doorstep, I decided it was time to step away from more old habits of playing games and focus on whats really important in life. To me that's family, love a stable future and a challenge. It's easy to have a dead end job, spend hours on the computer feeling sorry for yourself, but its how we move past that on to brighter more fulfilling things that make a journey true and to its cause. I have a strong passion for helping others and doing something good in the world and it dawned on me a few months ago while sitting on my monk looking for something to do I realized its about time I do something about it... and what better way to train and join the British Army.

My Story, dealing with struggle and overcoming it. 
I guess you could say this journey or change as I like to call it began during the Christmas of 2013. It was during this time that my incredible step father lost his long battle with lung cancer. It's pretty hard to put in to words what I felt like during that time and the emotions I was battling with every day, but it felt like I was stuck at the bottom of a pit, with no ladder, no possible exit and the only way I had to deal with it was to climb my own way out. 

Everyday was a struggle, being titled the man of the house was... different. In all honesty I hated it. You see, I never had my biological father around to teach me all the things a father should but my step father was incredible. He cared for us, he put our family first even before him, Even if he had little money in his wallet, it would go to us to help me or my mother out as our family has never been made of money, but he made that sacrifice to help us. His generosity and kindness can not be justified enough and if I can become even half the man he is, I would like to think he would be proud. 

Regardless of what life throws at you, you have to be positive and make every day count. He had that vibrant energy in spades... I like to think I too share that trait. I always try and find a positive in any situation, Always look forward and towards the brighter side, because really, life is precious and it can be snatched away from you instantly and its how we overcome or, learn to deal with loss and heartache that really defines us as human beings and its what strong willed people are made out of. 

The Start Of The Transition
I secluded myself in my room, on my computer playing games for hours on end as a way of escape and I'm sure others have done the same thing. It made me feel safe and let me focus on putting my energy in to the game but at the same time, I was disgusted in myself on how I was letting my eating habits going out of control, putting on weight, suffering with back problems, damaging my eyes and most importantly keeping myself away from my family and friends. This was happening every day, but this was something I could not take any more. What was I really achieving in game? Nothing. What could I have done instead of waste my time gaining nothing? Everything. I promised myself I would never fall in to that lifestyle again and after the loss of my Step father, My mind went in to survival mode and almost over night my views had changed on what I thought about life and where my path should start... and most importantly, what would make my Step Father feel proud if he was still here...

For the past few months I have been slowly getting back in to the gym and more recently going to my PT sessions getting in shape for the military fitness tests. If you're in to the cardiovascular and strength training, here is a list of what I have been working on in preparation for the tests:

- Interval training, abs and core circuits, beep tests, squats, dead lifts, TRX, distance running, Tire/boxing bag flips, Jerry can carry and boxing. 

- PT session every Wednesday
- Gym every other day

It's results may be a little hard to see but here is a *was and now* photo of me and my lovely girlfriend. The top picture was taken a few months ago in that heavy gaming stage with the bottom photo taken on the 28th of July 2014 just after 2 year anniversary and my first month of PT training which included all the exercises mentioned above. 

As you can see, My face has lost a bit of neck fat.. charming I know. But overall I'm already feeling much fitter, lost about 6 pounds and my personal trainer has said I'm getting much tougher now and already at a B grade for my BFT test. A good result so far, but of course its going to get alot tougher now and I can not wait to crack on.

So what roll do I want to do in the Army? 
After a few weeks of looking at jobs, doing a number of role finders and ignoring them all I was starting to think of what Id want to do while in the Army and my progression for my career. I have decided to apply for a Royal Logistics Supplier. Simple really, I can work in warehouses all over the world supplying our troops with ammo, trucks, food, letters and first aid supplies. I can also venture off on to being a driver, ammo technician if I feel like it. As I said at the start, I want to be of a support role knowing that my work and efforts and all towards the same cause. I love that thought. Little EU monk helping out soldiers and for our queen and country. 

My grandfather was in the royal Navy for 37 years and I grew up on his war stories and how the world was back then, Of course our worlds changed since then but I want to be able to tell my little ones these stories and come back from the Army knowing I have the experience and confidence to be able to support me and my girlfriend when we decided to have little kiddies of our own, I know its a long way but that's my overall goal, To come home, enjoy the rest of my days knowing I did my part to help out our country and support my family. While I'm there I want to explore the world, see the different cultures and experience that military life. I think It will help me grow and mold as a person and I can not wait to start. 

Any room left for games? 
In my first 6 weeks basic training and 12 week trade training, No way. However my guild will still be operating and under the wing of its officers. I wont be around for WoD I hope, but the guild will flourish around that time more so than ever before. Once I'm settled in and have my own living space, I will then make my return, but mostly to manage the guild and developing strategies for the guild such as new events etc. My long nights of raiding are over now, 10 years of it does get a little repetitive and that's time I wont get back again, Although I have enjoyed it, I'm really looking forward to this new life.